Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Well here I am again, still making things for this coming Sunday. I thought I'd do a nappy cake, just in case it generates some interest for after Xmas and I'm going to do a big wedding towel cake too, but this is my first ever nappy cake and for some reason, I'm just not happy with it, and I don't know why? It has 44 nappies, 1 x fleece blanket, 3 x feeding cloths, 1 x pair of baby scissors, 1 x set of cutlery, 2 x dummies, 1 x teething rattle and a gorgeous soft elephant toy. Do you think it looks ok?
Oh and I nearly forgot, the little basket has 3 x nappies, 1 x santa babygro, and 2 x pairs of scratch mitts. My daughter wanted to write the Ssssh, Baby's Sleeping before she went to bed so I let her do that, but might print it out properly by the time Sunday comes! lol

I've also made some little ice cream cups, some have baby socks in them and some have baby vests, I thought with the feeding spoons in them, they'd look quite effective?? Help please ladies!


  1. Sally - love the little basket it is so sweet. I think the sign your daughter has made is really sweet too.

    Well done on the nappy cake it looks fab. Do you think it looks out of proportion because of the size of the cuddly toy could that be it? Good luck with the craft fair on Sunday, hope you are really successful and sell everything x

  2. Thanks CT, it may be that, but I think I'm just surprised at the size of the actual cake, I just imagined it would be a lot bigger than it actually is - maybe just me - lol


  3. They are really fab and i love that basket it's so yummy. Good luck for tomorrow and i hope you sell loads .

  4. These are all just lovely - my favourite has to be the box, mainly cos I would love to get my mitts on it to alter it :D Close second is the basket - it's so sweet and I haven't seen a baby one like that before.